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22 February 2012

You asked for it, you got it! Starting today, is now an APP in the Android Marketplace! You can download the app to your Android Smartphone and keep track of the latest breaking craft-beer news and brand spanking new beers. The direct link to the Android marketplace is HERE OR you can search for “mybeerbuzz” in the Android Market on your Phone.

With the mybeerbuzz APP, you can quickly and easily view the latest posts, check out recent comments, see my Twitter Feed & Facebook Info, contact me with tips, news, questions or exciting new beers coming on tap and you can check out the Beer Calendar.

Try it out for yourself. This is version 1.1 (beta for sure!) so I wanted to get out some solid working features, and grow from there. Sorry but at this time there is no iPhone app. The yearly costs associated with just registering as an iPhone developer is simply too much at this time for a Free App developed on my own dime, but I’ll be watching downloads and listening to requests so there may be an iPhone version in the future.

Try it out, tell your friends and let me know what you think…


NEPA Craft-Beer Lovers Get Labeled !

31 December 2010

We’ve had some interesting discussion on mybeerbuzz lately about content, and as we march into the new year I want to re-assure some of my readers. First and foremost is and has always been devoted to covering the craft-beer scene in NEPA. Recently, we’ve taken on a new and exciting role by publishing up-to-the-minute new beer label approvals. By doing this, our readers get the absolute FIRST look at new beer-label approvals and we all help to grow our local craft-beer market. On some days, these label approvals can be somewhat prolific, and there are some readers that are worried the NEPA content is getting lost in the mix. I’m committed to bringing you the best of both worlds. Full coverage of all things craft-beer related in NEPA, and the best of national and international breaking beer news.

With that in mind we’ve added a new feature on to begin labeling/tagging our posts. Moving forward, I’ll be labeling all of the posts relevant to our local market with an “NEPA” label. As you can see in the graphic above, this label appears at the bottom of the post AND it’s linkable. What that means is if you only want to see NEPA content…click on the NEPA label at the bottom of any NEPA post and you’ll see ONLY NEPA posts! I don’t plan to go back and add labels for our older posts, but we will be implementing the NEPA label moving forward, and perhaps a few other labels to help you sort out content.


Care to Share mybeerbuzz?

02 September 2010

We've just added a NEW set of sharing buttons at the bottom of every post that will allow you to now more easily share posts on FaceBook, Twitter and other popular social networking be sure to share some mybeerbuzz with your friends.


Map mybeerbuzz - We're On The Map

03 June 2010

This is a project I worked on over a year ago, but at the time the google mapping tools simply weren’t so great. By popular demand I decided to resurrect the project over the Memorial Day weekend and finally brought it to life. I present to you Map mybeerbuzz. I’ve built an interactive map with ALL of our member locations with different colored pins for craft beer bars, breweries and distributors/bottle shops. Zoom in, change views even use Google Earth…all in the name of finding a good craft beer. Map mybeerbuzz is linked on the main page just under the “What’s on Tap” section, and linked from every member page AND even displayed in a smaller window at the bottom right of the page. So try it out and let me know what you think.


Overhaulin' the "buzz" - mybeerbuzz 2.0

14 January 2010

It’s been an amazing 20-months since the very beginning of From the live launch on April 1st 2008 up to today, it’s been quite a ride. About 6-months ago, it became apparent that our beer community had outgrown the original playing field, so I set out to create a new design. I wanted a design that allowed my readers to see everything important without scrolling or searching and one that allowed us room to grow as a community of beer lovers. With all of that in mind, I now present to you mybeerbuzz 2.0.

As you can see I’ve widened the playing field to give us more real estate. I realize some readers don’t use the highest graphics settings, but most users are at least 1024 pixels wide which will work well with the new page. Within our new playing field I’ve added quite a bit of new functionality:
• Blog posts remain large and in the center of the blog. This is the content most readers want, so it gets the largest section. Links to member pages remain prominent on the right side also to make it easier to find your favorite beers.
• A link bar has been added at the top under my logo to allow quick access to important links like my Facebook page, my Twiter feed, my faq, and of course my swag stores ;)
• The New NEPA Beer Calendar has been moved up to the top. Now you can easily find all of our local beer events.
• A mybeerbuzz Search Bar has been added to allow you to search ALL mybeerbuzz pages. This includes all mybeerbuzz member pages. This will allow you to more easily find content (or beers) on any of our pages without searching each individually.
• A Recent Comments section that highlights any comments posted recently under ALL posts on the main page. This will allow readers to quickly see what posts have new comments and quickly link to that post to add comments if they wish.
• A Facebook Status & Links feed to display my most recent Facebook status and link updates. This area is a work in progress, but so far it has been useful so it will remain active.
• I have improved Post Comments to make it easier for readers to participate. Most readers didn’t even know they can add comments to each post. I’ve now made the comment link a brighter color and embedded the comments into the page below the post when you click on comments. Comments are still moderated (damn SPAMmers) by me.
• Each post has a 1-click Share on Facebook button, and Re-Tweet button to allow you to share one of my posts with your Facebook friends or Twitter followers. Also note the ReTweet counter I’m experimenting with that actually tells you how many times another user has retweeted that post.
• A more robust Contact Me section allowing you to e-Mail me or chat with me live if I’m on-line.
• A Read More post option allowing long posts to be summarized and expanded as needed. In fact if you’re reading this you’ve already experienced that.
• An extended Twitter Feed section displaying all of my Tweets and links to corresponding posts.
• A Photo feed to display my most recent Photos. This will allow readers to stay up-to-the-minute on mybeerbuzz photo activity.
• Expanded counters allowing you to see page hits AND current visitors/readers on the site. As a bonus you can click on the current visitors button to map where those visitors are!
• A Tell Your Friends box allowing you to quickly tell your friends (Facebook) or followers (Twitter) to check out This is in addition to individual Facebook & Twitter links in each post allowing you to share specific post content.
• Simplified RSS Feeds allowing you to feed post content and/or post comment content.
• A Green Options section allowing you to share mybeerbuzz content without wasting paper.
• Expanded Sponsorship Options and categories. In the past I have run one random Google adsense ad to try to offset the cost of maintaining I have expanded my adsense campaign to several blocks in the lower portions of the page. Over the last year, I’ve also been approached by local beer-business wanting to have advertising blocks on To accommodate these requests, I have established a robust set of sponsorship options, sizes and categories. This will give interested parties many different avenues to advertise their product. Yes the blog continues to be FREE, and no it is not my intent to profit in this venture…I simply want to cover my costs and perhaps enjoy a beer.
• A Wilkes-Barre Brewing History page. This page will contain a rag-tag collection of images, documents and items from our local Wilkes-Barre brewers, Lion & Stegmaier. Stay tuned as this section grows.

So there you have it boys and girls…..mybeerbuzz 2.0…feel free to play in our new playing field, and let me know what you think. Who knows…maybe I’ll have enough brain cells remaining for mybeerbuzz 3.0 someday.


Hours of Operation - Caution

The hours of operation change rapidly at beer bars, distributors and craft breweries. Somctimes it is based on demands, sometimes it is due to seasonal changes, and some times it's simply as emergencies or weather arises. While we do our best to maintain accurate hours, we cannot be responsible for up to the minute hours changes. As always, we STRONGLY recommend you call or e-Mail each establishment directly to confirm their hours before visiting.


mybeerbuzz Swag

Please be aware that we create and T-Shirts for FUN. People have requested shirts and swag and who are we to deny them. We use a 3rd party service for all shirts, and accordingly they make most of the profit. For us the benefit is the pure fun we get in seeing a shirt in public.

Since I'm only a little beer blog, the swag-store is farmed out to a 3rd party operation called Cafe Press. Please keep in mind that I build the site, but they handle the ordering, payments, printing, sizing, and shipping. They have a very good reputation and I did choose them carefully, but I can't be responsible for any issues you may have with them.


mybeerbuzz - NEPA Beeer Calendar

06 October 2009

You’ve been asking and I’ve been working on it…and now I present for you the NEPA Beer Calendar. At the Top left on our main page, FAQ, page, Swag Page and Wilkes-Barre Brewing history pages you’ll see the calendar of beer-related-only events in NEPA and surrounding communities. You can view the Month, Week and Agenda. You will find the Agenda View VERY useful.

Please e-Mail in events and I’ll be happy to add them. All I ask is that they be beer-related events and preferably NEPA or surrounding/related beer communities.


Sharing Content on Facebook

17 January 2009

The popular social networking site facebook allows people to share content and post messages, photos, links and text. While does maintain an active presence on facebook, we've also added a way to easily share content with others on your facebook site. You'll note at the bottom of every post (on the main page only) is a "Share on facebook" link. If you click on that link (and have a facebook site) you can now share any on your facebook profile. I've even set it up so you can choose the picture/icon to accompany that post. I know not everyone is on facebook or even interested in facebook, but we do want to give everyone the ability to share content.


Following via Twitter

15 January 2009

Twitter is a quick news service that allows mybeerbuzz to post fast one line messages via the web and via text messaging on my cell phone. Once you join twitter (it's free) you can then follow other twitter member's feeds on the web or on your cell phone. If you click on the mybeerbuzz link on the main page twitter feed bar, or go to my twitter page (, and join twitter you can click on the follow button to receive my twitter feeds. If you are an existing member you can simply click on "find people" in the main menu bar and type in mybeerbuzz to follow me. Twitter members can put in their cell phone number and get instant cell phone text messages of anyone they follow. If you'd prefer NOT to pay the text messaging charges, you can pull up my twitter feed anytime for free on pages whether you want to join twitter or not.

So why bother you ask? Well lets say I'm out and about on a Friday night and a great small batch beer comes on tap. I jump on my phone, I type in that info and all of my followers know instantly before the keg kicks. If you're out and about and you see a tap handle change at a mybeerbuzz member bar, twitter that info in and we can all see it (and the main page will update). Lets say I'm at one of our member distributors and I see he's down to the last case of Breakfast Stout....bang I twitter it out.

Come be a twit too!


Following thru blogger

You'll note we recently added a Followers of mybeerbuzz on the bottom menu bar. By adding yourself to the followers list, you not only let me know who's staying in touch, but you can also consolidate and other blog content into one easy location. If you join blogger (no worries it's a free google service), and you follow my blog, you'll see that whenever you login to your blogger account and go to the dashboard, my new posts will appear at the bottom in your "Reading list." Add other blogs and you can follow us all in one place easily.


How do I use RSS feeds?

02 May 2008

RSS feeds allow you to aggregate content from many web pages into one central place, without having to browse those pages. Basically an RSS feed pushes the latest info up to you. pushes out RSS Feeds for New Posts and New Comments. You can subscribe to the RSS feed from ANY page by clicking on the RSS fed buttons locate don the page. You will need an RSS reader. The easiest one is Google reader. It's free and it's available if you have a gmail account (also free). One warning...sometimes I update an existing blog post instead of creating a new blog post. In these cases the feed may not reflect an updated thread. I always suggest that even with an RSS feed, you check for the latest details.


How can I post a beer update on ?

05 April 2008

Adding a beer update, whether you are a bar owner, beer distributor, micro-brewer, bartender or reporter, is easy. The EASIEST way is to simply send an e-Mail to with your updates and I'll post them. You can also go to the page of the establishment you are updating. At the bottom of each post you'll see a comments link (to the right of the time). Click on the comments link and a comment window will open. Enter the establishment name you are updating, and any information you'd like to submit (tap list, new cases, new bottles, upcoming beers, news, events...). Don't worry, all submissions are anonymous and your name will NOT be published on-line unless you request it.


What if I still have questions ?

03 April 2008

No problem. click here to send me an e-Mail. I'll be happy to answer any questions, or even try to meet up and have a beer to answer your questions.


How do I sign up as an bar owner, craft beer distributor or reporter?

Signing up is simple. click here to send me an e-Mail. Please include your name and e-Mail address. If you are a bar owner, craft beer distributor, bartender or staff of an establishment, please indicate the name of the establishment also. I'l contact you back with the information I need to get your page started. That's it...and yes it's free.


What information is available on ? contains information on local beer bars, craft beer distributors, breweries and micro-breweries. The most important information lists is the current beer tap list at each bar and the new cases at craft beer distributors. We also track upcoming beers, new beer bottles, bar news and upcoming events for each bar. In addition, we display bar info and contact information such as address, phone, e-Mail, website, Facebook page, Twitter feeds, directions/maps and hours. also contains a beer blog that highlights the local craft beer scene.


What is ? is a website devoted to the craft beer scene in Northeastern PA. We write about the local beer scene and track up-to-date tap lists, bottle lists and new beers heading into town.


What does cost ?

Nothing. is a FREE service.


Where does the information on come from?

In order to maintain accurate and up-to-date beer tap listings, we need your help. would prefer that bar owners, beer distributors or bartenders/staff are the source for their current tap lists and other bar info. In lieu of that participation, will use independent reporters to attempt to build accurate and current tap lists. While we strongly prefer bar participation, we do realize the strength of this website depends on inclusion of as many beer bars, beer distributirs & micro-breweries as possible.


As a bar owner or craft beer distributor, what's in it for me ? is free advertising. It is our goal to build a site that beer lovers can use to see what great beers you have on tap, what new cases have arrived, what great bottles are in your cooler and what’s going on at your bar/beer store. We have also built in the ability to track traffic, so we can monitor all sorts of statistics about who is looking at your beer. We do this so you as a bar owner or beer distributor can see more about your beer loving audience. The other benefit is simply getting your information on-line. Just think how much easier and cheaper it is to make one call or send one e-Mail and have your tap list and new cases on-line. No more hassles or costs associated with constantly updating your own web page. is FREE targetted local advertising. All you have to do is participate.


As a bar owner or craft beer distributor, how do I participate?

The level of participation is up to you. We’d like to see at least weekly updates of your tap lists & new cases, but we’ll even update our site as tap handles change during the night if you are so motivated. Information can be sent to by e-mail, or on our website. If you choose to participate, in addition to basic information, all we ask is for a contact e-Mail address and name so we can send out weekly private reminder messages. That's pretty much it. is FREE targetted local advertising. All you have to do is participate.


What's in it for us @ ?

Basically NOTHING. It is our hope that beer bars and craft beer distributors will participate in our site, but ultimately we are doing this for fun and for the benefit of the local beer community. We enjoy great beers and the local craft beer scene. We get to write about beers and the local beer scene, and everyone gets to see what great beers NEPA has to offer.


What does a reporter do ?

At we’re always looking for accurate and up-to-date information on our local beer bars & micro-breweries. This information benefits all of the beer lovers in NEPA. We know there are many of you who frequent these bars and distributors anyway. It is our hope that we can get beer lovers as a community to participate in to benefit the rest of the beer lovers in NEPA. All we ask is that when you visit a beer bar or distributor, you e-mail, or use our website to send us the any or all of the following: current tap list, new bottles, upcoming beers, news or upcoming events…or anything else you’d like. You can participate as little or as much as you’d like.


What is the future of ?

It is our hope that this website fulfills a need for craft beer lovers. We do plan to promote the site in any way we can and we do hope that it becomes a more and more useful tool for craft beer lovers and beer bar/micro/distributor owners. We plan to reach out to as many participants and patrons as possible to help make our local craft beer community thrive.



01 April 2008

This web site is designed for people of legal drinking age only. All other access is not allowed. is not responsible for any unlawful use of this website or the content posted here. While every attempt is made to create accurate and up-to-date information, can not independently verify information and cannot be held responsible for omissions, inaccuracies or any issues that may arise from the use of this web site. is not affiliated in any way with any of the establishments represented. Pictures, graphics, logos and content are the exclusive property of and cannot be copied without prior approval. All other content is to be considered of an editorial/fictional nature. does make every attempt to keep accurate hours listed for the establishments we represent, however hours to change rapidly and as emergencies and weather arise. We strongly recomment you call or e-Mail any establishment to confirm hours of operation before visiting or planning a visit. does currrently run advertising as part of the google adsense service. We do this in an attempt to pay our yearly URL fees only and for no other reasons...and I can tell you frankly, it doesn't even come close to paying that. In any has suggested we run the following privacy policy information: Google, as a third party vendor, uses cookies to serve ads on your site. Google's use of the DART cookie enables it to serve ads to your users based on their visit to your sites and other sites on the Internet. Users may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy. We use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our website. These companies may use information (not including your name, address, email address, or telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by these companies, click here. does offer sponsoship opportunities. While we do take care ot ensure the advertising relates to the function of, we are not responsible for the content or subsequent links from any of the sponsors of


Map mybeerbuzz Members

View members in a larger map

Advertising is not affiliated with any of the Ads by Google advertisers shown below. We run Google Ads as a way to help offset the costs to run this FREE blog....BUT if you do happen to click on any of these ads (even if you don't buy), we do eventually get a few pennies....literally.

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