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05 April 2008

Adding a beer update, whether you are a bar owner, beer distributor, micro-brewer, bartender or reporter, is easy. The EASIEST way is to simply send an e-Mail to with your updates and I'll post them. You can also go to the page of the establishment you are updating. At the bottom of each post you'll see a comments link (to the right of the time). Click on the comments link and a comment window will open. Enter the establishment name you are updating, and any information you'd like to submit (tap list, new cases, new bottles, upcoming beers, news, events...). Don't worry, all submissions are anonymous and your name will NOT be published on-line unless you request it.


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If you are submitting bar/distributor/brewery updates, please be sure to include your name, the establishment name and the new information (new beers on tap, new cases, upcoming beers, new bottles, news/events). All comment submissions will be anonymous.

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