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06 October 2009

You’ve been asking and I’ve been working on it…and now I present for you the NEPA Beer Calendar. At the Top left on our main page, FAQ, page, Swag Page and Wilkes-Barre Brewing history pages you’ll see the calendar of beer-related-only events in NEPA and surrounding communities. You can view the Month, Week and Agenda. You will find the Agenda View VERY useful.

Please e-Mail in events and I’ll be happy to add them. All I ask is that they be beer-related events and preferably NEPA or surrounding/related beer communities.


Sharing Content on Facebook

17 January 2009

The popular social networking site facebook allows people to share content and post messages, photos, links and text. While does maintain an active presence on facebook, we've also added a way to easily share content with others on your facebook site. You'll note at the bottom of every post (on the main page only) is a "Share on facebook" link. If you click on that link (and have a facebook site) you can now share any on your facebook profile. I've even set it up so you can choose the picture/icon to accompany that post. I know not everyone is on facebook or even interested in facebook, but we do want to give everyone the ability to share content.


Following via Twitter

15 January 2009

Twitter is a quick news service that allows mybeerbuzz to post fast one line messages via the web and via text messaging on my cell phone. Once you join twitter (it's free) you can then follow other twitter member's feeds on the web or on your cell phone. If you click on the mybeerbuzz link on the main page twitter feed bar, or go to my twitter page (, and join twitter you can click on the follow button to receive my twitter feeds. If you are an existing member you can simply click on "find people" in the main menu bar and type in mybeerbuzz to follow me. Twitter members can put in their cell phone number and get instant cell phone text messages of anyone they follow. If you'd prefer NOT to pay the text messaging charges, you can pull up my twitter feed anytime for free on pages whether you want to join twitter or not.

So why bother you ask? Well lets say I'm out and about on a Friday night and a great small batch beer comes on tap. I jump on my phone, I type in that info and all of my followers know instantly before the keg kicks. If you're out and about and you see a tap handle change at a mybeerbuzz member bar, twitter that info in and we can all see it (and the main page will update). Lets say I'm at one of our member distributors and I see he's down to the last case of Breakfast Stout....bang I twitter it out.

Come be a twit too!


Following thru blogger

You'll note we recently added a Followers of mybeerbuzz on the bottom menu bar. By adding yourself to the followers list, you not only let me know who's staying in touch, but you can also consolidate and other blog content into one easy location. If you join blogger (no worries it's a free google service), and you follow my blog, you'll see that whenever you login to your blogger account and go to the dashboard, my new posts will appear at the bottom in your "Reading list." Add other blogs and you can follow us all in one place easily.


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