NEPA Craft-Beer Lovers Get Labeled !

31 December 2010

We’ve had some interesting discussion on mybeerbuzz lately about content, and as we march into the new year I want to re-assure some of my readers. First and foremost is and has always been devoted to covering the craft-beer scene in NEPA. Recently, we’ve taken on a new and exciting role by publishing up-to-the-minute new beer label approvals. By doing this, our readers get the absolute FIRST look at new beer-label approvals and we all help to grow our local craft-beer market. On some days, these label approvals can be somewhat prolific, and there are some readers that are worried the NEPA content is getting lost in the mix. I’m committed to bringing you the best of both worlds. Full coverage of all things craft-beer related in NEPA, and the best of national and international breaking beer news.

With that in mind we’ve added a new feature on to begin labeling/tagging our posts. Moving forward, I’ll be labeling all of the posts relevant to our local market with an “NEPA” label. As you can see in the graphic above, this label appears at the bottom of the post AND it’s linkable. What that means is if you only want to see NEPA content…click on the NEPA label at the bottom of any NEPA post and you’ll see ONLY NEPA posts! I don’t plan to go back and add labels for our older posts, but we will be implementing the NEPA label moving forward, and perhaps a few other labels to help you sort out content.


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