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22 February 2012

You asked for it, you got it! Starting today, is now an APP in the Android Marketplace! You can download the app to your Android Smartphone and keep track of the latest breaking craft-beer news and brand spanking new beers. The direct link to the Android marketplace is HERE OR you can search for “mybeerbuzz” in the Android Market on your Phone.

With the mybeerbuzz APP, you can quickly and easily view the latest posts, check out recent comments, see my Twitter Feed & Facebook Info, contact me with tips, news, questions or exciting new beers coming on tap and you can check out the Beer Calendar.

Try it out for yourself. This is version 1.1 (beta for sure!) so I wanted to get out some solid working features, and grow from there. Sorry but at this time there is no iPhone app. The yearly costs associated with just registering as an iPhone developer is simply too much at this time for a Free App developed on my own dime, but I’ll be watching downloads and listening to requests so there may be an iPhone version in the future.

Try it out, tell your friends and let me know what you think…


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